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Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology, which dynamically overlays the real world with the virtual world, bringing the two together.

It’s ability to influence purchase decisions across a wide range of markets in such a unique way, creates huge ROI potential for both B2C and B2B environments.

AR provides businesses with the ability to engage and communicate with audiences by bringing their products ‘to life’. The high level of interaction that can be generated can take place over any smart devices and adds an element to fun and excitement to buying virtually any product at any price point and size from a vacuum to a car or home.

Take a look at the below to see examples of augmented reality in action.

Using AR to transform a residential or public building enables the user to see a selection of finishes.

This technology can apply to curtains, blinds, lighting, walls, kitchens or any other fixture or fitting you could imagine.

This tile app example provides a mobile platform to choose from a selection of floor and wall tiles. Using augmented technology built into the app, the user can select their choice of tiles and multiply them to fill the space they are standing in and actually see what it will look like. AR lets you see things as they would be in reality so no need to try and visualise, describe or inspire. Just look at the screen through a mobile device and then change, scale and preview. The app then enables you to save the AR image and send/share to clients.

Imagine walking by a new housing development, on which work hasn’t yet begun.

Pointing a smart device at a logo, sign or other type of ‘trigger image’ would enable the viewer to see each house model, take a look inside the house and see the finished development, even the cars on the drives!

What’s a Trigger Image?

A trigger image is anything that ‘triggers’ the smart device to show you a computer generated (augmented) layer on top of what you already see through the camera lens on a Smartphone or Pad.

Now think of the possibilities of sitting in your home and looking at a property brochure. By pointing a smart device at an artist’s impression or a photograph of the house, you take part in an interactive walkthrough or a video introduction with animation, enabling you to explore and discover more information that’s relevant to you. Choose for example carpets, fixtures and fittings and see them in-situ before you order them from the developer.

Using AR technology supports after sales too. Interactive help areas and guides covering different aspects of the house, enable residents to help themselves, by pointing their Smart device at the oven, boiler or fuse box (for example), helping provide high levels of customer service whilst minimising developer resources with unnecessary calls.

The purpose of this platform is to introduce engineering and manufacturing as career choices to 13 and 14 year old students.
Augmented Reality can be used in a variety of exciting ways, including:
  • On pack/product information
  • Gaming
  • Instructional walkthroughs
  • Interactive product models
  • POS marketing
  • Education


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